YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Collaborative Research

Research continues to bloom at Grandview Children’s Centre

Research may seem like a luxury to some, but in the field of child development there is much to learn, and children and families need and expect us to deliver the best possible care. It is essential that Grandview’s clinical team participate in well-developed research projects in order to help answer the many questions we have and to ensure that the care delivered at Grandview is evidence-informed.

Our research assistant is funded by the Ontario Brain Institute, via the CP-Net study, and has created an environment where research is now a part of everyday at Grandview. Our exciting projects for this year have included a first collaboration with the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). Our CP-Net group has another paper drafted for publication and we are excited about a CP and pain project spearheaded by Heather Shearer and Darcy Fehlings.

To ensure that all members of the team at Grandview are exposed to research and learning opportunities, we have also launched a monthly journal club. This journal club is inter-disciplinary, with articles relevant to new and emerging ideas are discussed. All staff are welcome to participate, and the dialogue has been very open and engaging.

We are so grateful to the many children and parents who participate in our research opportunities. Grandview’s research committee continues to commit to excel and allow only the most rigorous and valuable research to be offered to our families.


Together we are all making a difference.

As we CELEBRATE last year’s success,
we ask you to BELIEVE in the future.