YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Building On Excellence

The 2018 year in review outlines our efforts and successes that have been inspired by our Strategic Plan “Building on Excellence”. Throughout the pages, we hope you enjoy the stories and feel our pride in the accomplishments and milestones reached by the children, youth and their families supported by the expert team at Grandview.

Message from the Grandview Children’s Centre CEO

“Our board has led us again through a year of change, and change seems to be the one constant at Grandview Kids.”

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann

CEO, Grandview Children's Centre


Every child and youth living life at their full potential


To provide family-centred paediatric and rehabilitation services for children and youth with physical, communication and developmental needs


Caring and Commitment

Being kind and compassionate. Relentless attention to safety and quality.

Trust and Respect

Believing our clients, families, partners, volunteers and employees have capability and competence; Valuing diversity of background and perspective.


Doing what we say we are going to do; Being clear and open in all of our communications; Dedication to well-planned, responsible, ethical decisions on behalf of those we serve.

Whole Child and Family-Centred

Appreciating that family members are the consistency in a child’s life and so are at the centre of the services we provide.

Innovation and Continuous Learning

Fostering a “culture of inquiry” and inspiring each other to advance our capabilities; Being flexible and innovative to accomplish goals.


Advancing our clinical capabilities and organizational practices; Leading the way in our field.

Clinical Services

Transform the client and family experience across all life stages

How can we improve the Grandview experience for children, youth and families? That is a question we often ask ourselves and last year was no different. Except… we started at the very beginning. We slowed down the intake process, added service navigation to our team and removed the requirement of a physician’s referral for occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Campbell Children’s School

Challenge, Celebrate, Strengthen

Campbell Children’s School, in collaboration with Grandview Children’s Centre, nurtures each child’s unique abilities through programming to develop skills, self confidence and independence, for a successful transition to the home school.

Collaborative Research

Research continues to bloom at Grandview Children’s Centre

Research may seem like a luxury to some, but in the field of child development there is much to learn, and children and families need and expect us to deliver the best possible care. It is essential that Grandview’s clinical team participate in well-developed research projects in order to help answer the many questions we have and to ensure that the care delivered at Grandview is evidence-informed.

Medical & Diagnostic Services

Building capacity to expand services

Our Medical Services team continues to provide high-quality medical care to Grandview families. As the population of Durham steadily increases, our three full-time Developmental Paediatricians at Grandview are working to address growing needs.

Theraputic Recreation

Therapy through play – that’s what Therapeutic Recreation is all about!

Therapeutic recreation offers purposeful interventions to enable clients through to achieve quality of life and optimal health through meaningful participation in recreation and leisure. Recreation therapists support clients in having full access to and the freedom to choose recreation and leisure opportunities.

As we CELEBRATE last year’s success,
we ask you to BELIEVE in the future.

Message from the Grandview Children’s Centre Board Chair

“Working with families and working with the community to make sure we’re providing the best service to the families and youth of Durham.”

Brad Phillips

Chair, Grandview Children's Centre Board of Directors

Grandview Leadership

The steadfast leadership of the Grandview Board of Trustees allowed us to meet all of the challenges of the past year with confidence and a commitment to live our mission, vision, and values. This tireless group of community leaders serve the children, youth, and families of Durham today and are laying the foundation to be able to do so for decades to come.

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge all the caring individuals, businesses and organizations whose contributions changed lives and made so much possible in 2018/2019. You helped Grandview kids move, play, learn, communicate and connect in ways their families never dreamed possible. These smart and courageous kids are an inspiration, so let’s celebrate every step they take.