YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

Our Team

Our Staff and Volunteers

Thank you to our incredible staff and volunteers. They truly are the heartbeat of this organization and play a vital role in ensuring that day-by-day, week-by-week, year-by-year, Grandview Children’s Centre remains a recognized leader in the treatment and care of our clients.

Volunteers from all walks of life help with therapy groups, at our welcome centre, with fundraising efforts, and providing guidance as members of our Board. Over 180 volunteers provided 7583 hours of service to Grandview. We thank you!

Our families are why we give our best every day.

Grandview’s Family Advisory Committee (FAC) has grown to 18 members and extended their reach to each Grandview site and every program we offer.

The FAC acts as a resource to the Centre Board of Trustees and the Chief Executive Officer, enabling families to have a voice regarding strategic decisions. The FAC boasts committees focused on Programs and Policy, Family Events, Education and Networking and the New Grandview Build.

In 2018/19, the FAC offered several opportunities for families of Grandview Kids to network, including multiple Paperwork Parties and Binder Bootcamp education sessions and the annual Sensory Santa sessions.

Grandview’s Youth Advisory Committee, consisting of current clients, siblings and grads from 12-25 years old, established a great relationship with the Kids Safety Village in 2018. Under the leadership of our new Youth Advisory Leader, Brad Sexton, the group hosted large scale accessible Halloween and Christmas events for our families. This motivated group of youth have volunteered over 220 hours in the past year in support of Grandview Kids.

Family Advisory Committee

  • Andrea Belanger
  • Leanne Osborne-Floyd
  • Amanda Wallace-Gallant
  • Melodie Muir
  • Vickie Derby
  • Sacha Ghent
  • Fadia Omer
  • Jacki Nemisz
  • Krista Ormsby
  • Beth McBarnett
  • Kola Kadiri
  • Annette Neufeld
  • Amber Fancy
  • Barbara Sparkes
  • Claudia Nossier
  • Marilyn Robitaille
  • Kelly Smigielski

Youth Advisory Committee

  • Ashley Muir
  • Liam Cox
  • Amanda Power
  • Nicholas Barry
  • Mackynzi Wilson
  • Mia Belanger
  • Kurt Snow
  • Sam Keane

Our Board

Grandview Children’s Centre Board of Trustees

  • Brad Phillips, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Denise Jones, Chair of Governance Excellence Committee & Vice Chair
  • Andra Duff Woskosky, Secretary & Trustee
  • Greg Raven, Chair of Finance & Facilities Committee, Treasurer & Trustee
  • Chris Chadwick, Chair of Priorities & Performance Committee & Trustee
  • Jeremy Harness, Trustee
  • Scott Ovenden Trustee
  • Monica Foley, Trustee
  • Terry Caputo, Trustee
  • Avori Cheyne, Trustee (effective March 7/2018)
  • Bryan Yetman, Foundation Board Chair

Finance & Facilities Committee

  • Greg Raven, Chair
  • Jeremy Harness, Trustee
  • Denise Jones, Trustee
  • Todd Ramsey, Community Representative
  • G. David Williams, Special Guest
  • Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, CEO
  • Harry Deeg, Director of Finance and Administration

Governance Excellence Committee

  • Denise Jones, Chair
  • Scott Ovenden, Trustee
  • Terry Caputo, Trustee
  • Avori Cheyne, Community Representative
  • Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, CEO
  • Kelly O’Connor, Executive Assistant

Priorities and Performance Committee

  • Chris Chadwick, Chair
  • Andra Duff Woskosky, Secretary & Trustee
  • Monica Foley, Trustee
  • Julie Goldstein, Community Representative
  • Jackie Long, Community Representative
  • Catherine Switzer, Community Representative
  • Lorraine Sunstrun-Mann, CEO
  • Leslie Suite, Director of Clinical Services
  • Andrew Marsden, Performance Evaluation Specialist
  • Kelly O’Connor, Executive Assistant

Grandview Children’s Foundation Board of Directors 2018-2019

  • Bryan Yetman, Chair
  • Steve Leslie, Secretary/Treasurer
  • David J. Toswell, Director
  • Mike Forman, Director
  • Steve Curry, Director
  • Brad Phillips, Chair, Grandview Children’s Centre
  • Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, CEO, Grandview Children’s Center
  • Brigitte Tschinkel, Executive Director, Grandview Children’s Foundation
  • Bobbi Jo Penney, Data and Donor Care Coordinator (Board Support)